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[置顶] 【关闭道路】Parere街道 – Nelson市区 – 5月20日 至 5月24日 早上7点到下午6点

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Parere街道 – Nelson市区
由于修路,Parere街道会封停,但是Northesk Street仍然能够通行,请相互告知。
封停时间段:5月20日 至 5月24日 早上7点到下午6点
Road closure and bus detour – Parere Street
Starting Monday May 20, Parere St will be closed, and eBus Routes 3 and 4 will be detoured.
❕ All businesses on Parere Street will remain open, and pedestrian access will be maintained.
🚌 Route 3 will continue down Vanguard Street past Victory Park. Route 3 already has a detour in place due to the Toi Toi roundabout project. For this week, it will not travel down St Vincent or Northesk Street.
🚌 Route 4 will detour along Northesk Street. For the bus to safely turn left from Northesk Street onto Vanguard Street, there will be stop/go traffic management from 7am – 7pm.
📍 Parere Street
📅 Monday 20 May – Friday 24 May
⏰ 7am – 6pm
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